Patient Protection Bill campaigner got charged for “forged computer data”

2011.05.22 13:20

May 22, 2011. Thai patient rights activist [Preeyanan Lorsermvattana](, from [Thai Medical Error Network]( (TMEN), was accused of “forging computer data”. The data in question is from the Network’s campaign to support Medical Malpractice Victims Protection Bill.

A medical doctor who filed the charge is from a group of medical doctors who strongly oppose the Bill, as we learned from [Preeyanan’s post in her Facebook]( This is probably the first known case of using Computer-related Crime Act to stop a legal campaign, targeting one of the campaign leaders.

Preeyanan have to report herself to the police station in Surin province this Wednesday, May 25. About 6 hours away from her residence in Bangkok.

Follow the case development and Preeyanan’s activities at her Facebook ‘Fan Page’:

The summon, dated April 29, 2011

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